Aga reveals Charlene was never his girlfriend, shares how they ended up together

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Many people believe a successful marriage is one founded on a strong and long-term friendship, which leads to mutual affection, then boyfriend-girlfriend status, and eventually ends up in marriage- if faith allows.

However, this is not always true, especially to celebrity couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales.

Recalling how they ended up together, the actor revealed Charlene was never his girlfriend, and that he went straight to proposing to her when they were working on the 90’s ABS-CBN sitcom “Oki Doki Doc”, as per a story shared by ABS-CBN.

The actor made the revelation when he guested on the ABS-CBN morning show “Magandang Buhay”, where he said: “We left for Singapore. We had taping for ‘Oki Doki Doc’ but a week before that, I spoke to my mom.”

He then added: “Sabi ko sa mom ko, ‘Mama, mag-aasawa na yata ako.’ Alam mo sabi ng nanay ko? ‘Sino si Charlene?’ ‘Yun pala, nakikita pala nila sa taping ‘yung alaga ko kay Charlene or kapag napag-uusapan si Charlene, kung paano daw ako magsalita.” [I said to my mom, “‘Mama, I think I want to settle down.’ You know what my mom said? ‘Who, Charlene?’ That’s when I found out that during taping they were taking notice of how caring I was about Charlene or whenever Charlene would be mentioned, how I would speak.]

The actor then went on to share that when they went to Singapore for some taping, the former beauty queen was already feeling something as he was already making her feel that there was indeed something special going on.

“And then I just proposed to her, walang singsing. If she said no, then doon ko siya liligawan. Sabi ko, ‘Will you marry me?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ Naiyak ako,” he said. [And then I just proposed to her, without a ring. If she said no, then that’s when I’ll pursue and court her. I said, “Will you marry me?” And she said, ‘Yes.’ I cried.]

The actor said it also made him wonder why Charlene said ‘yes’ because they were not even together during that time.

And it was only later on after their marriage that the two were able to talk about the matter.

“Sinabi ko sa kanya iyan. [I told her that.] She said ‘I don’t know. Because I know you. I saw something in you.’ Kumbaga kahit babaero daw ako noon [It’s like even though I was a “womanizer” then], she saw the goodness in me dahil hindi ako nagpapa-impress sa kanya [because I was not trying to impress her.] She’s always seen the real me,” he said.

In May, the couple celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary.

When asked what’s the secret to a long-lasting marriage, the actor said: “Ibibigay ko lahat ng puri sa babae talaga. Sinasabing kami ang stronger sex, kaming male. But really, nakaangkla kami sa asawa namin. Ako kay Charlene, my wife keeps me sane.” [I will give all the praise to women really. It is said that we, the males, are the stronger sex. But really, we are anchored on our wives. I, on Charlene, my wife keeps me sane.]

He also revealed that the reason he always comes out of their house late is that when they wake up every day since they got married, they will need three to four hours of talking; adding there’s not a single day that they don’t do it. ” That’s something that works for us. I am glad that it is like that,” he said.

The couple is happily blessed with a pair of beautiful twins Atasha and Andres. Aga, by the way, is also the father of Luigi Muhlach.

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