AirAsia Perth to Bali flight QZ535 plunges 22,000 feet mid-air

Images capture of video via 7News

AirAsia Indonesian flight QZ535 from Perth to Bali carrying 151 passengers has been reported to have had a major scare when the plane had a sudden drop right after take off on Sunday, October 15.

The plane was 25 minutes into its journey to Bali when it began to descend from its cruising altitude, plunging two-thirds from 32,000 feet to 10,000 feet, as disclosed in an Asiaone story.

Passengers said attendants added to the panic because of their “hysterical” reaction; screaming their heads off while announcing emergency.

One passenger said they barely understood a word the attendants were saying which caused them to fear and panic. The only instruction in English they received was ‘brace’ and put their seatbelts on.

“I could feel (the loss of pressure) from breathing because I’ve not long ago had a heart operation,” Glenyce Regan said while she started to pray. “Then the masks dropped and it frightened the s… out of me.”

“It (the advice) was all in Asian or Thai or something. We couldn’t understand anything that was coming over the loudspeaker.”

As per a story shared by The West Australian, the technical issue that resulted to the cabin to lose pressure is already under investigation.

AirAsia spokesman said Flight QZ535 returned to Perth and landed at the airport safely. The passengers boarded another aircraft provided by the low-cost carrier to Bali.

Meanwhile, there had been no reports of casualties nor injuries to passengers and crew.

“The safety of our guests is our utmost priority. AirAsia Indonesia apologises for any inconvenience caused.” AirAsia Indonesia said in a statement.