Amid accusations of prolonging presidency: Duterte says it’s ‘Yellows’ seeking power, not him

  • Duterte denied he was trying to prolong his stay through revolutionary gov’t
  • He pointed to his experience as mayor, said he never went beyond his terms
  • He also said it’s actually the opposition Liberal Party trying to regain its power

MANILA, Philippines – Amid recent clamor for a revolutionary government, President Rodrigo Duterte denied his critics’ accusations he was trying to prolong his stay in the presidency.

Pointing to his time as mayor of Davao City, Duterte said there was never an instance he went beyond the terms of his office.

“I have never exceeded – I’ve been elected mayor eight or seven times. There was never an instance in any of my term that I exceeded one day or 24 hours sa opisina ko [in my office],” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying. “Days before umaalis na ako [I already step down]. Ini-install ko na ‘yung Vice Mayor [I install the Vice Mayor]. You run the city. I am on my way out.”

The president also said it was actually the opposition —especially the Liberal Party— 0trying to regain its power.

“These are just people who cannot accept defeat. Iniintriga ako sa lahat [They are blaming me for everything],” he said. “I mean, I will serve during my time. Kung sabihin mo, mag-ambisyon ako ng [If you say I have ambitions to be], you must be crazy.”

Duterte said the ‘Yellows’ unwavering criticism of him is an indicator that they’re the ones really aiming for the top, not him.

“You’re being pictured to be one sa [by the] opposition. When you can invent that kind of scenario for your fellow men, this is – Ikaw ang may gusto. Kayo ‘yung may mga ambisyon. Hindi ako, [You’re the one who wants it. You’re the one having ambitions. Not me.],” he said.