Amid feud with Alvarez: Tonyboy Floirendo angered after boot from PDP-Laban

Image from Atty. TATA Moral-Romano's Facebook account
  • Lawmaker vexed over removal from ruling party
  • He accused ‘leader’ of making false news and exploiting him
  • He however vowed to remain loyal to the president though

MANILA, Philippines – A partymate and benefactor of President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed anger over his expulsion from the ruling PDP-Laban, says he was never even given a chance to refute the accusations against him.

“The letter cited three violations which were attributed to me without even asking in writing my side on the issues. Worse, they imputed against me certain partisan activities I did not even have a clue whatsoever, and accused me maliciously of disloyalty, sowing disunity and discord, and using media to air my grievances,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted Davao del Norte Rep. Tonyboy Floirendo as saying.

Apparently referring to House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez with whom he has a long-running feud, Floirendo blasted one of the party’s ‘present leaders’ as someone who makes false allegations  and acts.

“It is also notable that one of its present leaders has resorted to fabrication of stories and lies just to advance his interest and his personal crusade against me and my family,” he said. “Already at the tail-end of numerous false allegations by this individual who had benefitted avariciously from our family, my being accused of imagined transgressions violates the accepted rules on impartiality, which is what the Party has always fought for.”

“Judging by the action of the signatories, it looks like the claws of authoritarianism has finally pierced the sacred ground the Party has zealously guarded against freebooters, carpetbaggers and opportunists,” he added.

At the same time, Floirendo said he will remain loyal to Duterte amid his unceremonial exit.

“Despite this unstatesman-like demeanor of a few, let me just reiterate that my full support is still with our President and I shall keep within me the true ideals and virtues of PDP-Laban,” he said.