Angry father hacks drunk ‘ghost’ hiding beneath daughter’s bed

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MANILA, Philippines – Thirty-year-old Rose Ann Flor, single, just finished taking a bath when she suddenly heard a loud snoring in her room. She was terrified as she thought it was a ghost. After finding out what it was, she’s lucky that Dad is there to save the day.

In Valenzuela City, a man who allegedly sneaked into a woman’s room and hid under her bed was hacked by her angry father.

“Natakot ako kasi akala ko baka may nagmu-multo. Napansin ko ‘yung mga unan ko saka stuff toys nasa lapag po. Kinuha ko ‘yung unan ko tapos nakita ko may ulo ng lalaki,” [I was scared because i thought there’s a ghost. I noticed my stuffed toys were on the floor, and when i get my pillow, i saw a man’s head] Rose Ann said.

“Tapos tumakbo po ako, nagsisigaw na po ako. Ginawa ko po nilock ko po ‘yung pintuan ko,” [I ran, i screamed, and I locked my door] she added.

Rose Ann’s father, Anacleto Flor Jr., heard her screams and immediately got a bolo to defend his daughter and attacked the man, Paulo Estrada, 35.

Estrada is a tenant in the compound of Rose Ann’s family for five years. He was immediately brought to the Valenzuela Medical Center to get his wounds treated.

The initial probe of the police stated that Estrada entered the residence through the kitchen’s window and sneaked into Rose Ann’s room.

The cops suspected Estrada hid under Rose Ann’s bed and fell asleep as he was under the influence of alcohol. They also recovered a knife from Estrada.

No valuables were missing at the house.

Police Senior Superintendent Ronaldo Mendoza said: “Hindi natin alam kung ano ang nasa isip niya dahil mukhang nakainom itong suspect natin. Kinausap ng imbestigador natin pero parang hindi pa ganon kaliwanag ‘yung isip niya. Hindi pa niya alam bakit siya nandodoon sa ospital,”

[We still don’t know what’s on his (Estrada) mind because he seems under the influence of alchohol. Our investigator tried to talk to him, but he didn’t even know why he is on the hospital.]

While investigation is still ongoing, Estrada will face complaints for bringing a knife inside Rose Ann’s room and for trespassing.

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