Box-Office Queen Alex de Rossi to star in new movie “12”

Image via Alessandra De Rossi's Instagram account

After the huge success of ‘KITA KITA’, Alex De Rossi became the newest hailed box-office queen. The unexpected success of the independent film placed Alex among one of the most in-demand actresses today.

The actress who graced the presscon of her upcoming film “12” in an elegant white dress on October 11, was escorted by her lead actor, new star Ivan Padilla.

During the grand presscon, Alex behaved as the usual humble and bubbly actress. She said that nothing really changed much about her after her film “KITA KITA” earned 320 million at the box office, as per a Rappler story.

Although, she recognizes that others have changed their views about indie films and about her too because they have proven (Empoy and Alex) that even those considered by others as unpopular actors can also produce box-office films.

Alex still remains firm though that her top priority in accepting projects isn’t the monetary value.  According to Alex, what matters most to her in accepting movie projects, is one that speaks to her heart.

For her, the huge success of a movie is not really dependent on the popularity of the actors playing the role but the film must first of all have a good screenplay and the right actors for the role.

Some also asked her if her talent fee increased after KITA KITA. The actress mentioned that her talent fee did not really skyrocket. In fact, she even waived her talent fee for her latest film “12”. She said that she just wanted to do the project so she’s happy to do it even without a huge talent fee.

She also recalls that even before, she did some projects wherein she did not really get any amount of money. She jokingly mentioned that she was even just got paid with STARBUCKS coffee; adding she doesn’t want to hear people say that they could not get Alex to star in their film because they could no longer afford her.

When it comes to how special this new film is for Alex, she said that this film is her passion project since she was the one who wrote the screenplay and composed the movie’s official soundtrack, along with her rumored boyfriend Marc Abaya.

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The movie is about a couple who reached their 12th year of being together but find themselves asking whether there is a certain type of love that is worth losing themselves for.  The movie’s tagline is, “Is there a love worth losing yourself for?”.

According to Alex, this film deals with serious relationship issues. Issues that are not even shared by couples to their closest friends.

Despite the fact that Alex wrote the screenplay, Alex told the media that not every scene in the film is inspired by her real love life experiences. Though she also hinted that some of the movie lines were words spoken to her or something that she wished she could have said to someone.

Alex hopes that everyone who will watch the film will find a special connection to it especially those couples or people who have encountered pretty similar relationship issues.

“12” will open this November 8 in theaters nationwide.

Watch: ‘Twelve’ Official Trailer

Meanwhile, here’s the official music video  “Twelve”: