Car falls from 5th floor parking of a building in Sta. Cruz, Manila; 1 d**d

Image by Anjo Bagaoisan's tweet

A black car landed upside-down on the walkway after it fell from the 5th-floor parking area of a building in Sta. Cruz, Manila around 11:30PM Friday.

ABS-CBN News disclosed that according to witness Tyrone Cruz, he and his friend were walking along the walkway when they suddenly heard a very loud noise. It was then they saw a car fall on the canopy of a ground floor fastfood restaurant before landing upside-down on the pavement, creating a huge dent.

Later, a woman was found inside the car, at the driver’s seat.

Rescuers opened the deformed car-door using a snipper and hydraulic tool.

The victim was rushed to the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, but was pronounced d**d on arrival.

The cops are still investigating how the car fell.

Source :

ABS-CBN, Twitter