Coco Martin shares his secret on making TV fight scenes look realistic

Image capture from "Ang Panday" trailer by Movie Patrol PH via You Tube

Coco Martin gives away that being street smart has helped him a lot in his projects especially in the action-packed shows, and even said he is also very much involved in the development of the gaming app, ‘Ang Panday’.

A press con was held at SMX Convention Center on October 28 for the launch of the mobile game version of “Ang Panday“, an action-fantasy movie which happens to be one of the entries for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Coco admitted that when he was younger, he was trained to fight because he grew up in Novaliches with his relatives, and he usually gets into a lot of fights especially as a small kid.

He said that because of his upbringing and the time he spent in the streets of Manila, it has helped him a lot in making his action scenes more realistic.

In fact, he finds it more difficult to do staged fight scenes and so he realized the reason he went through all of those in the early years of his life was because he will be using it for his future roles.

In his upcoming movie “Ang Panday”, where he plays the lead role, his background also helped him think of realistic setting and props for his character like always carrying a ‘balisong’ or a knife and four fingers wherever he goes.

He recalls how he would always bring a knife to school because that’s the way it is where he grew up, you always have to be ready for anything.

The 35-year-old actor also took up boxing and judo in the past.

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