DOH reminds public over proper burial within residential premises

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via YouTube, DOH

In other parts of the Cordillera region, the dead and the living are together, every day of the year. It has been part of their culture to bury their dead relatives at their own backyards.

In this connection, the Department of Health (DOH) has a reminder to the public, that although the act is not prohibited, some sanitary measures have to be considered.

David Camiwet, a Social Studies professor explained the natives practice the act because of “close family ties” and because the Cordillerans value their land so much.

“Ang mga Cordillerans kasi, attached sila sa lupa. Kung saan sila pinanganak, saan sila lumaki, as much as possible doon sila ililibing,[The Cordillerans are attached to their land. As much as possible, they should be buried where they were born and where they grew up.] Prof. Camiwet said.

Others deceased loved ones are even buried inside their house.

“Kung ang request nila ay doon sa kanilang bakuran o doon sa loob [ng bahay], out of respect, pinagbibigyan,” [If their request is to be buried at their backyard or inside their house, out of respect, they were allowed.] Camiwet added.

But according to the Department of Health (DOH), burying your dead within your premises can affect your health.

Dr. Nora Ruiz, provincial health officer of Benguet said that germs or microorganism can enter your body.

The DOH advised the bodies must be properly embalmed and the graves should be completely sealed with cement.

The graves should also be placed 6 feet away from the water source.

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