Duterte’s “Undas” message to countrymen: “Be agents of positive change”

Image by Pinterest, Trisha Macas' Tweet via GMA News

Amid the observance of the All Saints Day and All Souls Day, the Malacañang Palace released a statement on Monday, wherein President Rodrigo Duterte urges Filipinos to be “agents of positive change.”

The President wrote in his message: “As we pause to honor our dearly departed and our saints, let us reflect on how we can become agents of positive change in our society. Let us contemplate on how we can make our country and this world a much better place for ourselves and for future generations.”

Duterte said that the aforementioned ‘Holidays’ were set aside for the saints and for the departed who “enriched the Catholic faithful’s faith and made an impact in the lives of many.”

“Their lives inspire us to build on their legacy, to make our mark in this world and to dedicate ourselves to causes that are greater than our own self-interest,” he added.

Here is a copy by Duterte’s message, shared in a Tweet by GMA News’ Trisha Macas

Meanwhile, Malacañang Palace earlier declared October 31 and November 1 as special non-working days.