Father of Nadine Lustre shares powerful message about depression

Image by Ulysses Lustre via Facebook page

The father of Nadine Lustre speaks about depression and how it can affect everyone.

Ulysses Lustre, father of Nadine wants people to know more about depression. In a powerful message after the passing of his son, Isaiah, Ulysses shares how painful it is to lose a child.

On his Facebook page, Ulysses first posted an image of semicolon, which allegedly stands for self-harm and claiming of one’s life. He captioned it with a heartfelt message:

“The loss of a father or a mother is painful, the loss of a son is unbearable.The demons of depression is devouring our youth. I call out to all sons and daughters to please stop hurting yourselves. Your depression is incomparable to us parents when you do. Life is beautiful. Please bear that in mind. Happy Birthday Ice. We love you so much.”

The grieving father also opened up on his own battles against depression. He said that he too has experienced depression but is now bolder after reading his son’s writing. In his words,

“You got me there Ice, so much lessons learned. Even I am not free from depression, thru your writings I’m now more bolder to face it head on. I am proud of you Ice. This tragedy will not end unnoticed. A battlecry for fighting depression will be shouted. And there will be awareness.”

Nadine also shared her own bouts of depression on her Instagram account. She posted a lengthy message of encouragement to those who are fighting against depression. She noted, “I have days where I’m just sitting in the tub, asking myself a lot of questions, confused.. I felt like I was just looking in someone else’s life through a window.”

You can read the post by Ulysses Lustre from his Facebook page.

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