Girl receives “brightest” gift from boyfriend: A star in her name

Image by Hannah Grazhel Chiong's Tweet

All in the name of love, a couple went out of their way to make the impossible happen. Well, at least metaphorically.

A tweet instantly became the ‘talk of the town’ on Monday after a girl apparently received a star that was “named” after her as a gift from her boyfriend.

Hannah Grazhel Chiong expressed her thanks to her boyfriend, Ronnie Sta. Teresa, after he surprised her with a framed map of the star that was named “Grazhel” with description: “This star will always shine for you and will lead the way to my heart.” 

Netizens went head over heels on the romantic gesture and it became viral on social media. The post garnered 39,000 likes and 9,200 retweets on Twitter, and more than 13,000 likes and nearly 20k shares on Facebook as of posting. Some even tagged their boyfriends or husbands; perhaps wishing to receive an equally romantic effort from their special someone.

According to the post, Grazhel was “officially listed in the International Star Directory” on June 3, 2017.

However, according to experts, you can not actually buy a star and have it named after you or someone else.

The Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS), said that while it is truly a romantic endeavor, buying stars and naming it after anyone “officially” is not technically feasible. PAS said that the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is the only organization that legitimizes the names of celestial objects in their Facebook post:

The couple on the other hand, posted a clarification; saying they are aware of the technicalities in naming a star and asserted that the guy’s gesture was purely made for love, for fun, and they didn’t even expect it to be viral.

The girl said she was fully aware that she literally do not own the star. But the thought that her boyfriend wants to name a star after her while showing the certificate that is in the International Star Directory made her feel special.

“It’s not the material things that matter, it’s what you choose to do, it’s the energy that drives you to go beyond, it’s the effort, and he did a pretty good job at it. Whether the star is real or not, it doesn’t matter, but I believe his love is real enough,” she added.