Jeep driver refuses payment from an old woman, turns out he fell in love with her 30 years ago

Image by Alex Fransisco

Most of the time, we look for a love story but once in awhile, it finds us. Everybody loves a good love story. For Filipinos, we even seem to like unrequited love no matter how heartbreaking it is.

A Facebook post of Alex Fransisco has gone viral after a short but heartwarming love story was shared by a netizen named Ira.

Ira was able to witness the story between a jeepney driver and an old woman passenger. While riding the jeep, the old woman tried to pay the driver but he refused. She became confused and wasn’t able to hear clearly what the driver said. Ira repeated it to the old woman saying, “kilala ya ka, kuno La. Amo na libre pliti mo.” [He knows you, Lola, that’s why your fare is for free.]

Sino ka man?” [Who are you?] the old woman asked but the driver kept his silence. During the trip, the old woman continued to guess who the driver is, giving him random names.

But everyone, including the driver, kept silent. When the the old woman reached her destination, she warmly told the driver, “Salamat gid kung sino ka man.” [Thank you to whoever you are.]

Everyone was filled with curiousity but no one dared to ask the driver. Surprisingly, he spoke up and told a heartbreaking love story.

“Baw wala ya gid ko nadumduman ba.” [She no longer remembers me]. Thirty years ago, he fell in love with the old woman and waited for her. It broke his heart, when she decided to marry someone else. He told himself years ago that if ever she chose him, she would  never worry about spending a single peso in her life. Until now, he still vows to keep his promise.

The post ended in a beautiful message reminding us about the power of love, whether or not it is reciprocated:

“It’s courageous when you love a person but you chose to let them go just because you realize that you two aren’t meant for each other. Most of us would end up finding someone else that are meant for us instead. It’s peculiar to see somebody who stays in love with that person that goes for years even if their love story only ends in the first few chapters of their book.This is one of the reasons why every old couples’ love story just make my heart swoon.”

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