‘Karen’ of classic McDo commercial gives birth to her first child

Images captured from ADman1909's video via YouTube
  • Actress Karen delos Reyes has given birth to her first child
  • She shared photos of her child with her prayer to God as the caption
  • Delos Reyes rose to fame after she starred in a McDo commercial, which is now considered as one of the country’s classic television ads

Actress Karen Delos Reyes of the classic Mc Donalds (McDo) commercial has given birth to her first child.

On Instagram, Delos Reyes posted a photo of her while carrying her baby, and a photo of the baby alone. She captioned the photos with her prayer to God.

“Lord, thank you so much for this wonderful blessing. Help me raise this child, mold his mind and nurture his body. Help me see the special gifts you have given him and help me nurture them,” she expressed.

“Thank you, Lord, for your grace and love. Please give us inner strength, patience and peace for the journey ahead,” she went on.

Despite being inactive in showbiz, Delos Reyes is remembered by many Filipinos in the McDo commercial that made her rise to fame.

The heartwarming ad tells of an old man who mistakes his granddaughter, Karen, for his daughter, Gina.

His granddaughter keeps insisting that she is not Gina, but Karen. The old man is unable to correct himself and Karen thinks that his granddad had forgotten about her.

In the end, he saves half of his burger; saying it’s for his favorite granddaughter, Karen which leaves a heartwarming smile on Karen’s face, as well as those of the audience watching.

Throwback. The classic television ad starring Karen Delos Reyes:

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