Man lived with the decomposing bodies of his mom and twin brother for a year

Image capture of video via Wochit News

Prosecutors said a man lived in his house together with the decomposing bodies of his mother and twin brother for about a year because he could not bring himself to report their deaths to the authorities.

Robert James Kuefler, 60, of White Bear Lake is charged with interference with a dead body or scene of death because he neglected to tell authorities they died of natural causes, according to the reports.

The bodies were found last year but Kuefler was charged this week. Police said he told them his mother, 94-year-old Evelyn Kuefler, died in August 2015 and his brother, Richard Kuefler, died before that and he couldn’t bring himself to bury them.

“I was traumatized,” Robert James Kuefler said via CBS News. “What would you do?”

Kuefler, who has no criminal history, said he needs no counseling.

“I watched my mother die,” he said. “She always said she wanted to die at home. She didn’t have any burial plans.”