Man who lived on top of a coconut tree for 3 years finally rescued!

Image capture of video via News5

A man named Gilbert Sanchez from La Paz, Agusan del Sur was finally rescued by authorities after living on top of a coconut tree for three years.

He was recently on the news when a local citizen uploaded a video of people trying to rescue him. The 47-year-old man was living on top of a 60 ft. coconut tree since 2014.

Just yesterday, October 11, the family decided to seek the local authorities’ aid to rescue Gilbert. News5 Official Facebook page shared the video of how they were able to successfully bring him down the tree safely after almost half a day.

They first tried their best to convince him to come down for several hours but to no avail, so the rescue team then decided to cut the tree down. The rescue team also brought nets just in case Gilbert would jump off the tree.

A family member recounted that it all started when Robert was hit on the head with a gun when he got into a fight during the town fiesta in 2014.

After that incident, Gilbert decided to leave his family and live on top of the coconut tree instead. His family believed that he lost his mind after the traumatic fight that he got into. He seemed so scared of his enemy and hid away from him.

Gilbert is a widower with two daughters. His wife died in 2000 upon giving birth to their second child. He left his two daughters under the care of his elderly mother.

Every day for the past 3 years, his mom would bring him food, water and some clothes to wear daily.  She would put whatever things his son needed in a plastic pouch and he would just pull it up through a tiny string.

For years, he endured both the rain and the extreme heat of the sun on top of the tree.  As for his sanitation, he did not take a bath for years. He just peed and pooped on top of the tree.

Since December 2014, many people have already attempted to rescue Robert but they failed to bring him down. He refused to leave the tree and tried to scare people away with his bolo when they attempt to come near him. Even his own mother was not able to convince him to come down.

Watch Robert’s rescue operation on Youtube as shared by News5Everywhere: