Meet this 13-year-old who can lift more than 55 kilos of weight

Image capture of a video by ABS-CBN via Youtube
  • A teenage weightlifter can lift a barbell as heavy as 55 kilograms — and more
  • Lovely is a girl from Rizal who was discovered by a member of the national weightlifting team
  • Now, she showcases her ability in the ABS-CBN show ‘Little Big Shots’

Lovely’s frame looks just like any other 13-year-old, at least until she lifts a a barbell weighing as much as 55 plus kilograms.

In the October 14 episode of ABS-CBN show “Little Big Shots”, the 13-year-old girl from Rizal showed that no one is too young to start lifting heavy weights.

As shown in the video of the episode uploaded on Youtube, Lovely first lifted a barbell weighing 43 kilos.

She then tried to break her own record by bearing the weight of another barbell that weighs 52 kilos and then another one weighing 55 kilos. That’s not the end though.

It’s a pretty amazing thing to see knowing that Lovely is just a teenager who used to collect scraps just to earn a living.

According to an article posted on ABS-CBN, Lovely was scouring finds in garbages before she was discovered by a member of the national team.

The athlete saw Lovely carrying scrap metal that probably weighed kilos.

Now, the young weightlifter is on national TV featured on the show “Little Big Shots” hosted by Billy Crawford.

Who knows what better fate awaits Lovely? Will she be the next Hidilyn Diaz to win another Olympics medal for the Philippines?

Will she break her own record?

Watch the episode here to see her latest record!

Get to know her more through this interview: