Meet this 5-year-old ‘superhero’ to stray cats

Images from Kolony Kats Facebook Page
  • A 5-year-old from Philadelphia serves as a superhero for cats
  • Shon wears his favorite superhero costumes while doing charity work for cats
  • Because of this, he was known to be ‘Catman’

Every young kid at one point in his life has dreamed of becoming Batman, Superman, Spiderman or any superhero that comes to mind.

This five-year-old from Philadelphia may not have super powers but he has the ability of attracting cats to warm up to him. Now known as “Catman”, Shon is helping out his aunt in extending charity to stray cats.

His aunt Kia Griffin and Kris Papiernik have been caring for street cats over the last 10 years, said The Dodo.

But sometimes these cats can’t adjust to the domestic life and the two are having a tough time dealing with them.

Here’s where Shon comes to the rescue.

Cats easily warm up to Shon, allowing him to pet and nurture them.

“He’d scratch their bellies and scratch their heads. It was amazing to see these cats who wouldn’t even allow us to touch them, but immediately took to him. He must have this magical effect that the cats can pick up,” The Dodo quoted Papiernik.

“We couldn’t get Bug neutered or anything because he wouldn’t come to us, and he wouldn’t come near the trap… But when Shon came around and started feeding him, Bug came immediately to him and, ever since then, Bug has been a friendly cat.” he added.

Shon does this charity for cats while wearing his superhero costumes; because he feels like he is a “superhero to cats”.

Take a look at some of his adorable pictures on their Facebook page Kolony Kats:

Image from Kolony Kats Facebook Page
Image from Kolony Kats Facebook Page
Image from Kolony Kats Facebook Page