MEGAWATT: Filipina quits job as nurse to run first ‘solar-powered’ restaurant

Images via Vulcan Post

In this day and age, the hardest part of starting your own business is thinking how to make it different from the thousands of others in the same industry.

Food parks are everywhere; cafes littered in almost every corner of Manila with different creative themes.

Many may have all heard of Barking Blends where you can interact with dogs while eating, Hello Kitty Cafe for the Hello Kitty lovers, Shutter Cafe for photographers and so many more.

But how about Megawatt? Does it sound electrifying?

It definitely is! It’s not just from any other typical energy source, but a very good one with absolutely no cost to supply energy infinitely because it’s renewable. Yes, you got it right! It’s solar energy.

For the first time in history, a certain 28-year-old Filipina named Joyce Esteban has come up with a genius and brilliant concept of devising a solar-powered restaurant.

Now we’re talking– the future is in our midst.

Image via Vulcan Post

One day she got tired of her job and decided to venture out into business.

She shared how she used to earn so little monthly as a nurse, then as a hotelier which doesn’t compensate for how much work and effort she had put into them. She then finally decided to quit and be a full-time restaurateur.

The concept behind the solar energy thing began after a visit in a power plant in Mindanao where they saw how things were powered by solar panels, thus the idea of having a solar-powered restaurant sparked.

With the help of partners and friends, they were able to establish Megawatt where they have strategically set it up beside a car wash where both businesses benefited from each other.

The restaurant gave an emphasis to its eco-friendliness where everything they use are recyclable materials. The servers also adorably sport a mechanic jumpsuit to fit the restaurant’s theme of tex-mex cuisine. Burritos, anyone?

Image via Vulcan Post

Joyce and company also owns Red Baron steakhouse in Bambang, Manila and a Chinese restaurant in Dapitan St., Quezon City which they just recently opened.

Her advice to anyone who feels inspired to do something new is to just be motivated and to know what the goal really is. “You need to persevere if you really want to do something in your life. Then from there, I think everything would be okay.”