Men who travel for work are more prone to infidelity, according to survey

Image via Urban Living

Many have said that couples who usually travel for work, or in a long distance relationship, do not always end happily together. And while it may not necessarily be true for some relationships, the percentage of these cases turns out to be relatively high; at least according to a recent survey.

“More than 50% of married women and about 70% of married men cheat their partner at some point,” said Bonnie Eaker Weil, a specialist in relationship therapy.

Unfortunately, more and more men and women have confessed to having been unfaithful to their partner during a business trip. There are many reasons or causes that can lead the person to commit infidelity and that has been increasing every day.

Men are still ahead as far as the percentage of being more unfaithful is concerned.  One of the causes that make them fall into such a situation is due to the places where work appointments are held, and especially, when fun is involved.

Add to this the number of days they’re away from their home, and you can expect the man to begin feeling totally free and, eventually, uncommitted to their legitimate partner.

In some surveys conducted by lawyers and specialists in relationship therapies, they claim that this usually happens because the man or the woman (depending on the case) feels alone and seek to fill that gap.

“Brain chemistry is affected by stress, sometimes climate change and separation from the family. When they feel alone, travelers have a tendency to drink more. And alcohol reduces inhibitions and causes a cascade of hormones to be released, ” says Dr. Weil.

It was also proven that infidelities committed during a work trip are incited by a passing attraction, so when they return home, the level of guilt is not so great compared to those who have lovers in the same city.