Michelle Madrigal on being a first- time mom: “It’s worth every minute”

Image via Michelle Madrigal's Instagram account

Becoming a mom is certainly a life-changing experience! As what first-time mom Michelle Madrigal exclaimed, “I wouldn’t trade this for the world. My life has completely changed.”

Congratulations to the newest celebrity mom Michelle Madrigal who gave birth to a healthy baby girl last October 20.

She and her fiancé Troy Woolfolk named their beautiful daughter, Anika Austin. “Anika” means grace or favor; brilliance; and sweet-faced person, while “Austin” is the place where the baby was born – Austin, Texas.

Heard we going home today…. Thanks for y'alls prayers! My momma and I are doing great. Have a great Sunday ??

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Although Troy wasn’t there when Michelle was rushed to the hospital because he was in Atlanta, he took the first flight back to Texas to be with his future wife and daughter.

Before giving birth to her lovely daughter, Michelle shared a heart-warming short message to her daughter online.

The actress expressed that she and her baby is going to have so much fun together. She promised her daughter that she will be her best friend, confidant and everything in between.

She also mentioned that she knows God will help them raise Anika to be a compassionate, talented and thoughtful daughter.

The 28-year-old new mom also gave netizens a quick tour of her child’s room at their house where Anika’s sonogram was seen hanging on the wall.

Michelle also posted about how amazing motherhood is! Despite the physical changes and the mommy duties, she said that motherhood “is worth every minute.”