Music video of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Ready For It?’ released; gets different reactions

Images via Taylor Swift's Instagram video

Are you ready for it?

The music video of Taylor Swift’s song “Ready For It?” was finally released.

On her YouTube channel, Swift uploaded the music video of her new song. It immediately got millions of views and was shared on different social media platforms.

The video also got different reactions from social media users.

“Taylor is ready to fight for her fans. No matter what haters said. She still loves and enjoys to be herself. That’s why I love her so so so much?,” YouTube user OL commented.

“Wow, once again another fantastic video. How do you do it Taylor?” wrote YouTube user RR.

“I’m shocked. You’re shocked. We’re shocked. The whole world is shocked,” said Twitter user @amylorswlum.

“I feel like the #ReadyForItMusicVideo should have had a theatrical release. My phone screen isn’t big enough,” @jonesarah13 tweeted.

“Who is this girl? I remember: Enchanted, I Almost Do, Breathe, Long live, Red, Out of the woods…. and definitely I miss you Taylor,” CA expressed on Facebook.

“Visuals are fantastic! I love it… TS videos have deeper meanings than what you assume it is about. She is complex and delivers her stories leaving you to figure it out. She has done this with all her music to keep fans wanting more. She is a genius! You go Tay Tay! Can’t wait for the album,” Facebook user EF commented.

“It’s art, and there are some arts that are not meant to be understood, but simply appreciated. I am satisfied,” another FB user, PA, stated.

Watch the music video of “Ready For It?” and be the one to judge:

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