NASA is looking forward to Halloween too; releases playlist of the Universe’s spooky sounds

Image capture of video via NASA's YouTube account

NASA is also looking forward to Halloween. The organization published a compilation on Monday, “Frightening Sounds of Our Solar System”, just in time for October 31.

There are over 20 different space sounds featured in NASA’s new playlist, including Jovian magnetic burps, plasma waves, and interstellar light curves. These weird blips, screeches, and swoops are sure to make your hair stand on end.

Some NASA devices are actually equipped with sensors capable of recording radio broadcasts. Thanks to the work of scientists who transform these inaudible waves for our ears into soundtracks, it is now possible for ordinary mortals to hear the confines of space.

And the result will certainly give goosebumps.

Among the items in the playlist by NASA  are noises captured by the Juno space probe during its passage on the border of the magnetic field of Jupiter, the waves of the planet Saturn as well as the noises resulting from an encounter with a comet.