Newly employed Zookeeper attacked by two small white tigers

Image via Pixabay

Two white tiger cubs killed their guardian on Saturday in the Bannerghatta National Park in the Bangalore region of southern India, the park’s director said Sunday.

Anjaneya alias Anjini, 40, was attacked by the young tigers in the Bannerghatta biological park as he was locking them in their cage for the night, the Executive Director of the park Santosh Kumar have disclosed.

The tigers are fed around 5 pm and Anjaneya reportedly went into the cage to clear out the bones and feed the tigers, without realizing they were there.

“He did not realise that the tiger cubs were inside. There are two gates in the cage, one which does not allow the tigers out as it is meant for the person dropping off the food. There was a confusion between the two gates also,” Santosh Kumar added.

Park staff managed to keep the tigers away, but the victim was already dead, according to Kumar.

According to the park’s rules, new employees should not feed tigers or enter the enclosures. Only trained employees are allowed to do so.