Nostril hair extensions: The new beauty trend?

Image via Pixabay/GretChen Chen Instagram account

2017 has been a year of, well, a lot of weird beauty trends and stuff.

People can’t seem to have just enough of the experimentation.

Who’d forget the barbed wire brows, the squiggly brows and lips, the glitter butt, and the foiled freckles?

And now there’s another one!

Look at this new trend that’s driving a lot of people nuts; it has been going around Instagram recently.

On Allure’s Instagram explore page, a woman, who has an imagination beyond our thinking, and with the username @gret_chen_chen, followed by only 193 people, posted two selfies featuring “nostril hair extensions”.

Nose hair extension #nosehair #lashes #extensions #beauty #selfie #eyelashextensions #falselashes #?????

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A what? I know, right? She glued on false hairs around her nostrils; somewhat similar to Twiggy’s eyelashes look.

With all of this weird and “crazy” stuff that keeps on popping up moment to moment, I’m now asking, “What’s coming next? And would I one day see everything featured on sci-fi movies where the extraordinary becomes ordinary?” So, I don’t’ know with you.

Are you ready to focus more on nose contouring, or you‘ll say “Well, Imma stick to what’s usual and “normal” to me!”

Well, I believe the modern society needs more people who have a thinking way beyond ordinary, and people who follow not the usual norm but who MAKE the norm.