PH receives guns, military trucks from Russia

  • President Rodrigo Duterte accepts military aid from Russia
  • The aid includes guns, bullets and military trucks
  • This comes after Duterte’s state visit in Russia last May

The Philippines has received military assistance in the form of guns, bullets and military trucks from new-found ally Russia.

No less than President Rodrigo Duterte accepted this aid in a simple ceremony on Wednesday at Pier 15 North Harbor, Manila.

According to an article posted by Abante, the donation included 5,000 AK-74 Kalashinov rifles, 20 multi-purpose military trucks and over a million bullets and 5,000 helmets.

These assistance came after Duterte went to Russia for a state visit last May. The trip was cut short, however, because a war between state forces and local terrorists believed to be backed by the Islamic State broke out.

That was the first meeting of Duterte and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who the former regards as his idol.

Since Duterte assumed power, he has been vocal about the pivot to superpowers Russia and China as key allies. This is part of the independent foreign policy he pronounced after former US President Barack Obama criticized his war against drugs.

Russia, meanwhile, expressed support to the anti-drugs operations that has turned in thousands of death in its first year of implementation under the Philippine National Police.

US President Donald Trump, Obama’s predecessor, also lauded Duterte for his initiatives against drugs.

Duterte is set to meet Trump this November during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit. The Russian embassy to the Philippines has earlier said that their President is likely skipping the event.