Poe praises Thinking Pinoy blogger’s “excellent research”, hopes he keeps his neutrality

Image capture from Rappler's YouTube video
  • Senator praised pro-administration blogger for researching skills
  • She said despite his affiliation, he also exposed false claims about her and other admin critics
  • She is hoping he keeps his neutrality amid the spread of fake news

MANILA, Philippines  –  Despite being grilled by members of the opposition, Thinking Pinoy blogger RJ Nieto found a supporter in Sen. Grace Poe who praised him for his excellent researching skills.

During the Senate hearing on the proliferation of fake news, Poe noted that Nieto —despite being a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte— had also exposed false claims made against his critics and foes.

One such claim he debunked was the issue of her having an extravagant mansion in the United States.

“You know we may or may not agree with you. But if there’s anything, you do excellent research and that’s the truth. You do excellent research – sometimes against us, sometimes for us,” Rappler quoted her as saying. “Being fair to you, Mr Nieto, when another camp, Open Source, came up with an issue supposedly about me, you corrected it with research, with facts. And you were a supporter of President Duterte, I mean you were very transparent but you came up with proper research to say what they were claiming was untrue.”

Poe added she hopes Nieto can continue maintaining his neutrality despite his affiliation with the administration.

“So I hope you keep the neutrality. Like if you’re in a board, you can be an independent director. You can be in government but an independent consultant,” she said.

A social media consultant of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Nieto himself has been accused of hate-mongering and spreading false news.

During Wednesday’s grilling, the blogger maintained that his social media posts were made in his capacity as a private individual and not as a public official.

Here’s a video shared by Rappler on YouTube: