Prices of goods top Filipinos’ concern – Pulse Asia survey

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  • Filipinos’ top concern is the rising prices of goods
  • This was based on the September 2017 Ulat ng Bayan survey of Pulse Asia
  • Higher wages and ending criminality come second and third, respectively

Half of Filipinos think that controlling the prices of goods should be the top priority of the government, the recent Pulse Asia survey found.

In its September 2017 Ulat ng Bayan released Friday, the polling firm said that 50% of its respondents said the rising prices of goods top their concerns.

This is followed by the higher wage for workers at 42% and ending criminality at 36%.

Meanwhile, 32% of Filipinos are concerned with job creation while 28% wants the government to prioritize fighting corruption.

Poverty reduction, promotion of peace follows these issues with an equal share of 28%.

Equal enforcement of the rule of law only got 16% even amid the controversial war against drugs and the thousands of death toll it has turned in.

The survey results recorded little concern for the issues of environmental degradation at 14%, income tax reduction at 9%, controlling population growth at 8%.

Protection of overseas Filipino workers, ending terrorism, defending the national territory and the amendment of the 1987 Constitution were at the tail-end, respectively.

The survey covered 1,200 respondents nationwide with results having a 3% error of margin.