Punched and paddled: Witness to Atio’s fatal hazing reveals details, names participants

Image from Horacio Castillo III's Facebook account
  • Suspect-turned-witness gave details on fatal hazing incident of UST law freshman
  • He said Castillo endured punches, paddle strikes before collapsing in the 3-hour rites
  • He also gave the names of those who took part in the rites

MANILA, Philippines – A member of the Aegis Juris fraternity who became a state witness claimed hazing victim Horacio “Atio” Castillo III endured a beating which lasted for 3 hours during the initiation rites.

Marc Anthony Ventura, a suspect who availed of the government’s Witness Protection Program (WPP), said in his affidavit that the rites started around 2 AM on September 17 during which several of his brods punched Castillo in the arms until they swelled.

After that, the members—including Ventura himself—smacked Castillo in the arms with a wooden spatula supposedly to calm the swelling.

Ventura said the final part of the initiation involved paddling Castillo in the buttocks 11 times.

After the fourth strike however, Castillo collapsed—leading some of the fratmen to pour molten candle on his body in a futile attempt to revive him.

Saying Casillo’s ordeal lasted until 5 AM in the morning, Ventura also revealed the names of the members who participated:

  1. Edric Pilapil
  2. Zach Abulencia
  3. Daniel Ragos
  4. Dave Felix
  5. Sam Cagalingan
  6. Alex Cairo
  7. Luis Kapulong
  8. Kim Cyrill Roque
  9. Ged Villanueva
  10. Arvin Balag
  11. Ralph Trangia
  12. Oliver John Audrey Onofre
  13. Mhin Wei Chan
  14. Daniel Hans Matthew Rodrigo
  15. Karl Matthew Villanueva
  16. Joshua Joriel Macabali
  17. Axel Munro Hipe
  18. Marcelino Bagtang
  19. Zimon Padro
  20. Jose Miguel Salamat
  21. Leo Lalusis
  22. Alex Bose
  23. Robin Ramos

Justice Undesecretary Erickson Balmes said Ventura listed Hipe as the “master initiator” or the officer who called the shots at Castillo’s initiation.

“It was the decision of the initiator, kung okay na, puputok na, tama na [it it was okay to stop because of the swelling], it was the call of the master initiator,” he said.