Rich man buys two abandoned planes to turn into hotel and restaurant

Images via NetEase

At the price of 8 Million Yuan ($1.2 million), Chinese business man from the province of Henan purchased two junked planes with the desire to turn them into a hotel and restaurant.

Shanghaiist reported that his staff identified the planes as a pair of BAe 146s made by British Aerospace that were used as China Eastern Airlines’ passenger planes.

As of the moment, they are in the middle of a field outside of Zhumadian City. The new owner strongly believes that his plans will increase tourism and improve the local economy.

Image via NetEase
Image via NetEase
Image via NetEase

However, the planes still have to undergo a lot of renovations before the goal of turning them into a decent-looking hotel and restaurant could be achieved.

The current location of the structures also somewhat poses a problem for the owner because of the existing law in China that prohibits transforming agricultural lands to commercial properties which means that placing the two jets on the farmland itself is already illegal and turning it into a hotel and restaurant is going to get him into more trouble.

Back in 2016, another businessman who’s also from China has proved that it’s possible to turn ruins into something beautiful again as he bought an old Boeing 737 for 5 Million Yuan ($754,000) and spent another 3 Million Yuan ($453,000) for the renovations. By August of the same year, the restaurant dubbed Lily Airways was already up and running. Diners are also entitled to try out the flight stimulator at the cockpit before their meal.