Sereno accuser facing disbarment raps over hateful comments vs. Muslims

  • Complainants against chief magistrate’s accuser asked SC to follow up disbarment case
  • They said they have not received any updates on the complaint, are asking SC to grant it
  • Complaint brushed off by respondent as nuisance case and demolition job against him

MANILA, Philippines – Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno’s main accuser Atty. Lorenzo Gadon may find himself in hot water too after two complainants who filed a disbarment case against him a year ago asked the high court for updates.

In their letter address to Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, Attys. Algamar Latiph and Musa Malayang said they have yet to receive any information on the complaint they filed against Gadon last April 2016.

“To date, we have not received any comment from the respondent. Or whether the case is submitted for resolution in view of respondent’s failure to file a comment assuming that he was duly served with a copy of the complaint,” they said.

The complaint charged Gadon with violating the Code of Professional Responsibility after he proposed killing Moro rebels and their families if they refuse to lay down their arms during a TV interview in 2016

The resulting backlash forced the then-senatorial candidate to issue an apology.

The two complainants also asked the high tribunal to grant their petition in case the same has not yet been acted upon.

“Based on the news accounts, there were other two cases filed against the respondent for the same above facts. We respectfully pray for the Honorable Court to favorably act on the complaint,” they said.

For his part, Gadon brushed off the complaint as a nuisance case and demolition job against him.

“I am sure it is just a nuisance case but the timing is suspect. Obviously, it is a demolition job on me,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.