Someone installed a ‘commemorative’ plaque where President Donald Trump bragged about groping women

Image via Seth Gottlieb's Facebook page

A new and satirical memorial? This Friday, October 27th, a commemorative plaque was placed in the parking lot of the studios of the channel NBC, in the United States. On it is written:

“On this spot in September 2005, Donald J. Trump bragged about committing sexual assaultt. In November 2016, he was elected President of the United States”.

The photo of this plaque was published on Facebook by Seth Gottlieb.

Gottlieb is a visual effects artist for the show Legends of Tomorrow.

In dishonor of our President, the producers of my show have created a plaque commemorating his comments to Billy Bush, which happened on our lot.

Posted by Seth Gottlieb on Friday, October 20, 2017

The remarks, which were viewed by some as an admission of sexual assault, was one of the most damaging controversies Trump faced during the 2016 election.

The show’s executive producer, Phil Klemmer, revealed on Twitter that the removal of this plate by members of the studio took 15 minutes.

But he further said, “the truth remains.”