Swiss group wants to buy “Just for Laughs”

Image via CBC website

One of Quebec’s leading entertainment companies is for sale, and there is much speculation as to who will step up to buy it. On Friday, “Just for Laughs” founder Gilbert Rozon said he was going to sell his majority stake in the company following complaints of sexual assault.

Rozon, 63, recently announced he would sell all his shares amid allegations he sexually harassed or sexually assaulted 10 women, as reported by Le Devoir and 98.5 FM.

A Swiss-based production firm GF Productions is expressing interest in acquiring the “Just For Laughs” entertainment company with the aim of creating a global entity.

“I am convinced that the transatlantic link is essential, in the digital age, to develop the largest international comedy group,” he said in a statement Monday.

“We would like to make the new Just for Laughs an entity of which all will be proud, as much for the artists, as the staff, the suppliers and all the future speakers, just like what is already done by its English counterpart Just for Laughs ,” says Gregoire Furrer, founder and owner of GF Productions.

“It’s clear that its brand is tarnished and public confidence has to be restored,” he added.

Here is one of the video from the Just For Laughs Gags. Just in time for the Halloween.