Tamagotchi is back! Bandai America to start sales in November

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  • Tamagotchi will be sold in the US starting November
  • The new version will be smaller but will have the original pixel feature
  • It will be retailed at $15

After the return of the Nokia 3310, another technology from the past will get 90’s kids all nostalgic.

The cult favorite Tamagotchi will be back and toymaker Bandai will start sales in November.

The toy that allows you to raise a digital pet will now come in a much smaller version but with all the same features.

While Bandai will continue to produce the game in a pixel format, they believe that Tamagotchi will compete with the gadgets that are capable of accessing online games.

“It’s about resource management, it’s about nurturing, caring for a little virtual pet, and that basic human emotion of taking care of something that I don’t think ever goes away,” Bandai America’s Vice President of Brand Management Lizz Grampp said in a feature by The Daily Mail.

Who knows, kids who grew up to the advanced features of today’s smartphones and tablets might find this unique.

“What’s different is our delivery. So, it’s a more classic pixel game, which has a little bit of a trend of its own… I think for kids who have only grown up playing with iPhones and iPads, it’ll feel unique, but the game play will still feel really familiar,” added Grampp.

The smaller but still exciting versions of Tamagotchi will be retailed in the US starting November 5 for $15.

Last April, Bandai also released the original version of Tamagotchi to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Meanwhile, let’s complete the throwback: