[Video] Josh Aquino plays Willie Revillame’s song on the piano

Images captured from @krisaquino's video via Instagram

Josh Aquino, the son of Queen of All Media Kris Aquino, has been very fond of his Tito Willie’s song Ikaw Na Nga and he is currently studying how to play it on the piano.

On Instagram, Kris shared that Josh has been practicing Willie Revillame’s hit song, under the demonstration and supervision of his Teacher Veron.

“On my way out I heard Teacher Veron practicing ‘Ikaw Na Nga’ with Kuya. Sobrang cute because my two boys have the song of Tito Willie memorized. And now Kuya’s learning how to play it on the piano,” she wrote.

She added that her sons have been very fond of novelty songs.

“Adorable because Bimb’s original favorite song as a baby was April Boy’s Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin. Then the two got obsessed with Pusong Bato. But now nanalo si Kuya Josh and his Willie playlist is what we’re all listening to,” she shared.

Watch how Josh Aquino plays the song Ikaw Na Nga on the piano: