[VIDEO] Look how cute baby Seve is as he dances with his amusing Tita Alex

Image via Celestine Gonzaga's Instagram account

Toni Gonzaga posted a video of her cute son  Severiano “Baby Seve” dancing to the tune of his Tita Alex’s “Chabbie Chambie Chambie” weird fun dance.

As of posting, the short clip shared is now viral with more than 770k views on Instagram.  Baby Seve was all hyped to dance on top of a table while his grandmother, Paul Soriano’s mom, was holding hi,; and his aunt Alex was dancing on the other side.

The giggly aunt-and nephew-moment was taken at the Grand Rex cinema in Paris.  Alex as always, is very cheerful and bubbly. The video shows that Alex is seemingly trying to keep Baby Seve from getting bored.  She was singing the name of her cute little nephew which Tony Gonzaga calls “Chums”.

Kaya laging na hyhyper ang bata dahil kay @cathygonzaga!??? pero nakakatawa naman. Sorry Chums.??

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The mirror that was at the back, reflected some local foreigners looking at Alex’s amusing dance moves while we can hear Toni Gonzaga giggling at her sister and son’s dancing.

Looks like netizens couldn’t help but giggle along with the Alex and Baby Seve’s hyper dance.