[Video] This touching father-daughter short film is capturing hearts online

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A touching short film about a father and his daughter has been capturing thousands of hearts online.

On its Facebook page, City of Dreams Manila shared a lovely video of a father sharing what he felt and what he learned from fatherhood.

“Dads, try to hold back your tears,” the page captioned the video.

In the video, the father narrated how much happiness he had during the moments he spent with his beloved daughter.

“I was once told to make each moment count, and hold each close to my heart,” he began.

“On Your first year, we shared a moment, only us. Then you held my hand. From then, I was your world. On your seventh, you have grown stronger. Oh, but still afraid and unsure. I gave you freedom to discover the world around you — but with caution that you might grow up too soon. And as your tired feet brought you back, I knew I was your shelter,” he continued.

The father went on and narrated the unforgettable moments that he had with his princess as she was growing up.

And then, he recalled her wedding day.

“And this day has come, you have grown to become the woman that I wished you would be. And every moment, every milestone, has brought us to this. When I look at you, I could still see my child, my little girl, this beautiful lady,” he said.

He continued and shared the greatest lesson that he learned from being a father; the realization that came to him on his daughter’s wedding reception, while giving her hands to her husband.

“I was once told to make each moment count, and hold them close to my heart. Now I understand, that life isn’t measured by clinging on to moments,” he expressed.

Here is the heartwarming short film, which only lasted for less than three minutes but has gained nearly 1.8 million views, over 37,000 reactions, and more than 17,200 shares, as of posting:

Perfect Moments Made Real | City of Dreams Manila

Dads, try to hold back your tears. 🙂

Posted by City of Dreams Manila on Monday, October 16, 2017

This song could be a perfect theme song for the film:

A very touching one, indeed!

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