A parting shot: Roque urges House to expel fellow Kabayan lawmaker Salo

Image from Harry L. Roque's Facebook account
  • Outgoing solon urged House to expedite ethics complaints against partymate
  • He said foe liable for expulsion for various unethical acts
  • He also said recent thawing of their relations did not extinguish his liabilities

MANILA, Philippines – Outgoing Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque has asked the House to expedite the six ethics complaints he filed against his fellow lawmaker and partymate Rep. Ron Salo.

Roque, who is set to become the presidential spokesperson next week, said Salo is liable for expulsion in connection with the various violations the latter allegedly committed against him.

“Even if I cease to be a representative, Salo’s acts against me were committed when I was still a member of the House and proves that he is unfit to stay in Congress,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

The solon accused Salo of misusing government funds and knowingly revealing the details of the disbarment case he filed against him as part of his personal vendetta.

“Salo abused his power in order to further his own personal agenda against me. Regardless of his own design for personal vendetta, public funds and resources should never be used toward these ends,” he said.

Roque added that his resolve to pursue the case against Salo is of itself nothing personal.

“It is perfectly civil, proper, and correct to ensure that the wheels of justice work,” he said. “Recent developments do not extinguish his liabilities and offenses.”

Roque and Salo figured in an internal squabble which almost resulted in the former losing his seat.

In a separate statement, Salo said he and Kabayan wished Roque luck with his new endeavor.

“Kabayan party-list and I have long chosen to move on with our advocacies without Mr. Roque. We hope he would be able to move on and assume his new role without past baggage to be able to fully perform his functions as Presidential Spokesperson,” he said.