Check this out: Why many people follow this lady pilot on Instagram

Image via Lindy Mariëlle Kats' Instagram account

What makes people interested about this Dutch lady pilot named Lindy Mariëlle Kats? Well, you just gotta see for yourself!

Her Instagram account is being followed by 111K people as of posting; with numbers vastly growing week after week.

This is where the lady pilot shares what’s current and significant in her busy life, taking shots both inside the cockpit of her Boeing 717, and at some of the breath-taking, distant countries she is able to visit as a pilot.

Lindy revealed with Lonely Planet that she’s worked as a pilot for three years now and that she has always loved flying but never thought it was possible to do it professionally because it was so “difficult to get in.”

“When I was 15 though, I started to do some research, and after making contact with some student pilots I realized it wasn’t impossible after all. I went for the selections and got hired by the flight school.”

The pilot also revealed she loves feeling the take-off thrust when they depart and added, saying: “It’s such an amazing feeling to have so many pounds of thrust in your hands. Also, I love to make a smooth landing after a challenging approach!”

Her Instagram account was created initially as a means to keep in touch with loved ones at home. But now strangers have come to show interest in her private pilot life.

“It was a way to stay in touch with my family and friends, as I was in Spain for flight school but I’m from Holland. Social media made the distance a lot shorter! My pictures on Instagram slowly got more likes by strangers, and it became a fast growing account after a few years. I love that my pictures are liked by so many. Maybe it’s because people are interested in the life of a pilot, since we travel to fun destinations and get to see the world from above!”

Yesterday I got to fly the TB-9 over Palermo! It has been 3 years since I had touched the controls of a single engine airplane! I love the Boeing 717, but I think I may love the Socata TB-9 just as much! It's great to explore Sicily at an altitude of 1000 feet – you get to see so much more beautiful locations in detail!!! I flew with my brand new Bose A20 headset and I used the noise cancelling. For a second I thought the engine stopped working as everything around me was so silent!!! Next wednesday I will include the flying videos in my VLOG. Link in bio, subscribe already! #flying #bose #boseaviation #A20 #headset #ad #TB9 #tampico #socata #palermo #sicily #italy #femalepilot #aeroclubpalermo #montepellegrino #sunset #goldenhour #sunsetflight #singleengine @boseaviation @flyoversicily

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When asked what her favorite destination is, she said it would be where she lives — Palermo in Italy.

“I love it so much here. The weather is perfect, the sea is Caribbean blue and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Sicily is definitely a must-see too. I still discover new incredible places, and it’s not touristy at all. Sometimes I wonder why…!”