Colombian drug mule with over 1 kilo of cocaine in stomach nabbed at NAIA

Image from Max Connections

• A Columbian drug mule was nabbed by PDEA at NAIA Terminal 3
• The suspect swallowed 1.185 kilos of cocaine with an estimated street value of P8.89 million
• The suspect’s cellphone will be subjected to a forensic examination to identify his contacts in the country

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency arrested a male Colombian drug courier at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 on Sunday, November 12, following a tip from the United States Homeland Security.

As per a GMA story, the drug mule, identified as 67-year-old Alberto Pedraza Quijano who was almost missed by the anti-narcotics agents because he was well-dressed and wore an I.D. of a Columbian foundation, was nabbed by PDEA agents after he disembarked from a flight from Dubai.

According to Ismael Fajardo, PDEA Director III, the suspect could have smuggled in illegal drugs before as this was his third time in the country.

Quijano was brought to Pasay General Hospital where he underwent an X-Ray procedure. The result of the procedure showed what appeared like sausages inside the drug mule’s stomach. They turned out to be 79 rubber pellets containing cocaine.

It took Quijano more than 24 hours to excrete the rubber pellets that contained 1.185 kilograms of the illegal substance with an estimated value of P8.89 million.

The PDEA is set to conduct a forensic examination on Quijano’s cellphone in a bid to identify his contacts in the country.

A video was shared on YouTube by GMA News: