Dog’s ear cyst looks like Trump; netizens help online fundraising reach target treatment cost

Image by Jade Robinson via Just Giving, Pinterest

We have seen religious images at the most unexpected places but this time, a politician’s face was found in another weird place — a dog’s ear.

Jade Robinson, 25, of Jarrow, Tyneside snapped a photo of her two-year-old dog Chief’s inner ear to send to a vet. But her friend’s imagination spotted the resemblance between the cyst and the president of the USA.

She said: “This photo had to be taken whilst Chief was asleep as he does not like his inner ears to be touched and I swear I looked/zoomed in and out at this photo over 20 times and NEVER seen Donald Trump! HA

It was my eagle eyed friend who pointed it out, I thought I would shared this with my facebook friends but NEVER thought it would be that popular however overnight our little Chief became an internet sensation trending all over social media!”

Robinson is now trying to raise money for the treatment of her dog.

She said on her post on the crowd-funding page JustGiving:

“Unfortunately as Chief doesn’t like his ears to be touched he now needs to be sedated to start investigations on what is causing inflammation/ irritation and head swinging. This page has SOLELY been set up to help us pay for his vet treatments, we have been quoted his initial treatment of £430 however this will continue to increase as we find out what is wrong and what treatment he needs going forward. We are currently struggling to fund the money for his investigation and would appreacite any donation big or small would be amazing.”


Surprisingly, random people online helped them reached their target of £405 and the donations reached beyond, which is £505 from 43 supporters as of posting.

Robinson thanks everyone for their amazing generosity.

To see updates about Chief’s condition, you can visit the fundraising page JustGiving.

Image by JustGiving