Drunk fishermen brawl: Outnumbered Filipinos fight with Indonesians, 1 Pinoy dead, others injured

Kaoshiung Port, Taiwan (Image by Wikimedia Commons)

A brawl between Filipinos and Indonesian fishermen in Taiwan left one Filipino dead and several others injured in both sides.

The deceased Filipino was identified as “Antolin.”

According to Taiwan News, the fight broke out between the two parties while sharing food and drinks on the fishing boat Hohung No. 168 at the west coast pier of Kaohsiung Harbor.

After the two parties got intoxicated, a dispute started and a fight eventually ensued, allegedly started by the Indonesians.

Both sides retrieved aluminum bars and wooden sticks to beat each other. Yes, the Filipinos tried to fight back but were overwhelmed by numbers.

Antolin and fellow Filipino fisherman Alejandro were chased to the main deck and jumped on the water where the cops found them. Their two other companions, Agudera and Bayaua also suffered head wounds from the brawl and were sent to the hospital for treatment.

When police arrived on the fight scene past midnight on Sunday, they were able to haul the Filipinos out of the water but Antolin was pronounced dead on arrival when he was rushed to a hospital.

The authorities arrested six Indonesian suspects, who also sustained injuries from the fight.

The Indonesians could be fined  200,000 New Taiwan dollars (US$6,665) for damage to the boat.