Duterte mulls resigning if he cannot solve PH’s drug problem

  • President said he is considering resigning if he cannot curb illegal drug trade
  • He also said he doesn’t need more accolades anyway
  • He also stressed he has not yet ordered PNP to return to the drug war’s forefront

MANILA, Philippines  –  President Rodrigo Duterte said he will consider resigning should he fail to control the flow of illegal drugs in the country.

“If I cannot control drugs, then maybe it is time for me to think about resignation,” Rappler quoted him as saying. “Kaya kung hindi ko ito kaya, aalis ako [If I can’t hack this, I will leave].”

“I have enough accolades and praises all my life. Including the presidency, it would be 40 years of clapping. I’ve never lost an election,” he added.

Duterte, whose iron-fisted approach to criminality has earned him both praise and criticism, also clarified that he has not yet ordered the return of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to the forefront of the government’s anti-drug drive.

“I have not yet signed the executive order, but I’m inclined to call back the police and join again in the drug war,” he said.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is currently the lead agency in charge of anti-drug operations following heated criticism over the deaths of several teenagers at the hands of policemen.

Previously, the president vowed no let-up in the drug war which he said will be resolved in three to four years.

“‘Yang drugs na ‘yan [The campaign against illegal drugs], if it fails or if it succeeds now, I will be there to finish it off. At least on the third, fourth year, mawala ‘yan [it will be finished],” he said.

Duterte also promised that no one—including human rights chief Chief Gascon—will be able to stop him.

“Wala tayong patawad diyan. Wala ‘yang human rights, wala ‘yan. Si Gascon, ah wala ‘yan, sipain ko pa ‘yan,” he said.

[We will have no mercy in that. Human rights is nothing, Gascon is nothing, I would even kick him.]