FDA says 51 contraceptives under SC TRO not abortifacient

Image from Wikimedia Commons
  • FDA announced it had finished evaluating 51 contraceptives under restraining order by SC
  • It said the contraceptives have been determined not to induce abortions
  • It also said it is now finishing up the recertification of the approved products

MANILA, Philippines – The 51 contraceptives which had been placed under TRO by the Supreme Court have been adjudged non-abortifacient.

In a statement on its website, the Food and Drugs Administration said the products in question —including Implanon and Implanon RXT— did not induce abortions after careful determination and evaluation.

“Per the FDA Resolutions dated 10 November 2017 (on the applications for recertification filed by the Market Authorization Holders [MAHs] with opposition filed by Alliance for the Family Foundation, Philippines, Inc. [ALFI]), the foregoing contraceptive products have been determined to be NON-ABORTIFACIENT,” it said.

The statement also contained a list of the products that were tested.

The FDA then announced that it is currently finishing up the recertification of the products even as it thanked various groups for helping in the testing.

“Having met the requirements and passed the standards, the FDA is now preparing the recertification of these products,” it said. “The FDA would like to thank the various sectors which helped the agency ensure that the recertification process is participative and transparent even as we adhered strictly to the methods of science in undertaking this task.”

The contraceptives had been one of the points of contention among pro-life groups that assailed the constitutionality of the country’s reproductive health law.

While the SC later upheld the law’s validity, it barred the dissemination of such products until they had been certified by the DFA as non-abortifacients.

The controversy also triggered a short spat between President Rodrigo Duterte and Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno after the former accused the latter of delaying the implementation of the law.

In turn, Sereno explained that the TRO on the products would be lifted after due certification from the FDA.