FDA warns of fake shampoos circulating in PH

Shampoos are among the most commonly used products in the Philippines. Most Filipino homes use shampoo on a regular basis.

There are numerous shampoo products available on the market nowadays but we must be very careful when buying such items because there are many fake products that have been circulating in the country.

In a recent statement by the Food Drug Administration (FDA) authorities as disclosed in an Inquirer news story, it reminds the public to be more vigilant when buying these hair care products.

It specifically warned buyers to be very careful when buying shampoos since the agency has identified distribution of fake Dove and Tresemme hair products in markets and stores around the country.

FDA also reminded business establishments not to distribute or sell fake products because they may face sanctions and other regulatory actions.

In coordination with Unilever Philippines, Inc., it has confirmed that imitations of Dove Nutritive Solutions Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo and “Tresemme Smooth & Shine Shampoo are already in the market.

Everyone must avoid using fake products since these obviously did not undergo safety assessment and verification process of the agency; thus it could pose potential health hazards to its user.

These fake shampoos sometimes contain high levels of lead and mercury which can be dangerous to your health. This may affect the hair and scalp or even lead to health problems like headache, hair loss, dermatitis or even cancer.

So, how can we recognize if it’s a fake shampoo?

One of the ways to determine if it’s a fake product is if it’s sold at an unusually lower cost than the original one. FDA also informed the public that the authentic hair product does not have a shrink wrap and inconsistent product coding format, and is missing manufacturing or expiry date. These fake shampoos are also usually packaged in extremely huge packaging size.

Bottom line is, we make sure to double check the items we are purchasing!

Source :

Inquirer, TEMPO