Hashtag Franco Hernandez d**s in a tragic drowning accident

Image by Franco Hernandez via Instagram account

Hashtag Franco Hernandez died in a tragic accident on Saturday, November 11.

One of the members of “It’s Showtime” boy group Hashtags, Hernandez has reportedly p*********y in a tragic drowning accident.

MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN also confirmed with his talent agency, Cornerstone Entertainment that Franco Hernandez died today, November 11.

Hashtag Franco was with his girlfriend and another Hashtag member on the way to the coast of North Lamidan, Don Marcelino aboard a motorized banca.

Unfortunately, a strong wave hit their motor boat, capsizing it and causing them to fall off board.

Hashtag Franco’s body was recovered and was sent to the nearby clinic in Malita but he was already declared d**d on arrival. He turned 21 years old this year.

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