Indie actor charged with homicide for mauling man that led to coma, death, out on bail

Image from Eugene Tejada's Facebook account

Indie actor Eugene Kiro Tejada, who was arrested over homicide allegations, posted bail on Wednesday.

San Mateo Regional Trial Court Branch 77 Executive Judge Lily Villarean Biton issued an Order of Release after Tejada posted a P40,000 bail bond.

Tejada was granted temporary liberty unless there are any other order which warrants his further detention would exist, according to the Order of Release dated November 29, 2017.

Eugene Kiro Tejada allegedly mauled Frenil Bautista on November 22 inside a San Mateo Rizal supermarket’s comfort room for leaning on his live-in partner, Mary Jana Malilin.

Bautista slipped into a coma due to injuries from the said mauling incident and passed away on November 24.

When Bautista was still alive, he was initially charged by Malilin for acts of lasciviousness, the San Mateo Police said.

However, San Mateo Senior Police Officer 1 Wilmer Privado said Bautista could not have made sexual advances on Malilin.

SPO1 Privado said, based on the victim’s medical records, he was a diabetic and hypertensive.

He said the victim could have gotten ‘dizzy’ and accidentally leaned on Malilin.