Inside Job? Security guard nabbed for allegedly collaborating with mini-grocery thieves

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube

A security guard was arrested a day after he allegedly helped thieves rob the establishment that he was guarding.

CCTV footage captured moments the security guard, Reynaldo Valderama, was sitting on his post outside a grocery store in Calamba City, Laguna.

After a short while, several men sat with Valderama and seemed to have a chat with him at the main entrance of the store.

But at the side of the store, an unidentified man in black shirt, face covered with another shirt, forcibly opened a room.

After a brief moment, the masked man got out while carrying the cashbox with contents of P8,000.

CCTV footage shows Valderama was with the suspect’s two onlookers.

Turns out from the investigation by the Calamba PNP (Philippine National Police) that Valderama was an accomplice because the timing was perfect when he allowed the suspect to enter the premises while no other people, aside from them, was around the area.

Valderama was arrested the following day. He denied the allegations against him; saying he didn’t know that the man who went to the side entrance was there.

The police reminds the public to refrain from directly hiring security guards, and employ from PNP-accredited security agencies instead.

Watch this video shared by GMA News via YouTube:

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GMA News, YouTube