Jennifer Lawrence admits she’s rude to fans; says it’s her way of defending herself

Image via Jennifer Lawrence's Instagram account

As more and more Hollywood stars are beginning to persistently avoid fan attention, ‘Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence is adding herself to the list, as she admitted she becomes a huge a**hole when she’s in a public place.

During a chat with fellow actor Adam Sandler in an interview with Variety Magazine, J-Law justified her apparently ‘snobbish’ attitude toward her fans in public; claiming that celebrities receive a huge amount of unwanted public attention and she doesn’t handle it very well, as per a story shared by The Sun.

“I just, generally, once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude,” she said. “That’s kind of like my only way of defending myself,” she further explained.

The star, whose net worth is £82million, went on to reveal that she often dissuades people from approaching her while in a restaurant, gesturing some non-verbal cues like wagging her finger and making a face.

She would also tell the fans it’s her day off while shooing them away. “I say, ‘It’s Sunday, I’m not working today.’”

Just like any other celebrities, J-Law claims she responds with a big “No” to her admirers wanting to get a selfie with her.

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The Sun, Inquirer