Mourning family of Hashtag Franco arrives in Davao for the funeral

Images by Franco Hernandez via Instagram account

The grieving family of Hashtag Franco Hernandez arrived in Davao for the remains of their beloved Franco.

Franco was only 21 years old when he died in a tragic drowning accident in Davao Occidental on November 11. Their motorized banca was swept by a huge wave and capsized.

Franco’s remains now lies at the Cosmopolitan Funeral in nearby Davao City. Franco’s father, Raul Hernandez was with his Hashtags manager and other relatives from Manila.

They were welcomed by Franco’s aunt along with his girlfriend, Nam Floresca, who was with him at the time of the accident. The family still have yet to decide whether to bring Franco’s body with them in Manila or continue with the funeral and cremation in Davao.

Franco’s aunt  shared with ABS-CBN that Franco already told them that once he d**s, he wants to be cremated. The family will act upon his wish. The family also refused to give an official statement for now.